The Tassie Devil's Rejects is a 2012 novel written by Richoguy13 with additional credit going to Fareseru. It is a story based upon two best friends, Phillip Gortrey and Steven Eustanow who reunite after two months apart, the former having been on a Tasmanian trip. The positive energy soon begins to fade from the friends as it appears something in the room with them is coming to life, and is ready to take theirs. The story spawned out of an experience that Richoguy13 and Fareseru had whilst on holidays, when the former purchased a toy Tasmanian Devil and pretended to have it come to life and attack him. A film adaption was created in MossiMovies, with the two MossiMembers playing the characters of Phillip and Steven.

Plot SummaryEdit

Choice of TitleEdit

Richoguy13 has stated that the title was selected spontaneously. He stated that the title had come to him before the idea for the actual movie. The Devil's Rejects was the first thought to the MossiMember as he wondered where he could incorporate 'Tassie Devil' into.




Film AdaptionEdit

During December 2011, The Tassie Devil's Rejects was released as the 50th MossiMovie and broke all the boundaries and limitations of previous releases. It included much more violence and incorporated black comedy in portions. Fareseru played the role of Phillip Gortrey, whilst Richoguy13 become the character of Steven Eustanow.


Richoguy13 has stated that he already has planned out the sequel, where he intends to take the story to different places and become much more exciting.