The MossiMovies Movie





Run Time

53 Minutes




June 6, 2009

The MossiMovies Movie also known as MossiMovies Greatest Hits is a feature length film created to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of MossiMovies. While the group had intended to film a fully new film for the anniversary, time constraints forced the feature to be a compilation. The video consists of the most popular previously released MossiMovies. It also includes unreleased footage and small trivial points.

Videos Used

  1. The Loser Song (Another Guy).
  2. The Adventures Of Dougs.
  3. Pram Theft Auto.
  4. The Martin Luther Movie.
  5. Bin Racers.
  6. MossiMahNahMahNah!
  8. MossiMen Get Scared.
  9. MossiMarketing - Teacher Repellant Kit.
  10. Swat Force series.
  11. The Optimist.
  12. When Ugly People Get Mad.
  13. Peacful Bushwalk.

    Release Date: June 6, 2010 Language: English Run Time: 50 mins.

  14. Live Or Die.
  15. Richoguy13 Goes On A Rampage. (Unreleased)
  16. LilBadger on "WW2 and Cat" set. (Unreleased)
  17. Escape From Hawke House.
  18. A Very Mossi Christmas. (also known as "Christmas Time")


Donut664 as Various, himself, Sarge, Prince's helper, MossiMarketing narrator, Pram Theft Auto Villain

AgentPolar as Various, himself, The Three Bears Narrator, Martin Luther, Soul Survivor.

LilBadger as Various, himself, Gus, Nicholas, Pram Theft Auto Protagonist, Fairy.

Richoguy13 as Various, himself, Loser, The Monster, RichoGuy, The Optimist, Pram Theft Auto Guide, The Victim.

KountryKid as Various, himself, Swat Force Villain, Martin Luther Movie Narrator.

Hawkey1576 as Various, himself, Hawkey.

HIM as Various, himself, Ugly Person, Dez, MossiMarketing actor.


The film's soundtrack consists of tracks from various artists to capture a universal feel.

  1. "Schism" - Tool.
  2. "All I Wanted" - Paramore.
  3. "Highway To Hell." - AC/DC.
  4. "I Guess You're Right" - The Posies.
  5. "To My Face." - Tribal Ink.
  6. "Not Alone" - Linkin Park.
  7. "The Only Exception" - Paramore.
  8. "Benny Hill Theme" - Benny Hill.
  9. "The Joker and The Thieft" - Wolfmother.
  10. "Get Out Alive" - Three Days Grace.
  11. "Eye Of The Tiger" - Survivor.
  12. "Speed Of Sound" - Coldplay.
  13. "Back in Black" - AC/DC.

Additional Tracks:

  1. "Sunshine Of Your Love" - MossiMusic. Originally written and performed by Cream.
  2. "Christmas Time (Get in Line) - MossiMusic.


Richoguy13 completely edited the movies together himself. He was very concerned with making sure it appeared to be a whole feature, rather than one video simply starting after the other. Scenes were transitioned together through new musical tracks and inserted factual information. The end credits follow the additional outtakes, which credit every person associated with MossiMovies.


The film is only one of two MossiMovies to be given an "M" rating. (The other being "Christmas Time.") It is rated so for brief scenes of comedic violence, infrequent course language and crude humour.


On November 1st, 2011, a sequel was announced by Richoguy13. The release date is currently unknown.