It is perhaps considered positive that AgentPolar caused this event

The AgentPolar Decline Incident is an event that occured mid-october 2009. The incident involved AgentPolar's resignation from MossiMovies after a major conflict occured with appropriate videos. During the month of October, many videos made their way to MossiMovies which were easily below the standard for quality. Many of these videos included little to no plot, or didn't feature any members of the team. AgentPolar, unhappy with the current state of releases, requested the videos be removed. However, KountryKid demanded they remain and continued to add videos. This resulted in a post by AgentPolar stating 'AgentPolar has retired from MossiMovies'. After three days of isolation, the rest of the team eventually thought up a solution which would involve a special contract each requiring a signature from a member. The contract beared an amount of rules for future releases which involved 'Videos Must Be Over 30 Seconds Unless Permitted', and 'Cannot be unrelatable to the rest of MossiMovies'. The agreement also included the recalling of the 5 most recent releases. These were known as:
  1. "Owned" a short video depicting a small lizard attacking another.
  2. "Richoguy13 Has A Dream" a video which showed Richoguy13 surrounded by a group of girls.
  3. "A Day In The Life Of Fareseru" a video featuring MossiMovies friend Fareseru explaining an incident.
  4. "The Losette Song (Another Girl)" a poorly imitated video by KountryKid which swapped guitars with drums.
  5. "Random Dancing Thingy" which was an almost indescribable video featuring a dancing avatar.
  6. "Mmmmmph" which was a repeat video created by LilBadger, depicting Richoguy13 making this sound constantly.

Every MossiMember signed the form, however KountryKid was originally reluctant to add his signature. To this day, the event has never been mentioned of, as it was most likely a 'forgive and forget' story.