S.W.A.T Force - Episode 2: Escalation






Donut664, LilBadger, HIM, KountryKid

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October 25, 2009

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Swat Force - Episode 2: Escalation is the 33rd commercially released MossiMovie and a direct sequel to Swat Force - Episode 1: It Begins. Donut664, LilBadger and HIM return as Sarge, Gus and Dez, this time facing off against a new villain played by KountryKid. The MossiMovie is generally regarded as one of the greatest, due to it's story, humour and general superiority over the original.


After showing clips from the previous episode, the film opens with the trio searching for bush for a place to be safe. Sarge then comments that the place be better than where they'd previously stayed. A flashback is then shown of the trio being bombarded by small puppies while sleeping. A surprise attack soon follows, during which, Dez is hit and thrown to the ground. After fending off their position, Sarge forces himself to try and give CPR to Dez, who wakes up moments before and describes he "had no idea Sarge felt that way about him" much to Gus' entertainment. After resuming their travel, they encounter a mysterious caravan and begin to investigate. Dez accidentally causes a loud noise, which gets them captured by the caravan's owner. They are then interrogated individually, starting with Sarge, who refuses to speak about their mission, and is thrown into captivity. Gus is interrogated next, but his muffled voice causes the villain to believe he is a threat. Dez is interrogated finally, and is at first brave about keeping his team's mission a secret. After being held at gunpoint, he reveals everything he knows, he also reveals that his hyperactivity may be a result from a lack of bladder relief. The team then discuss with eachother how they will escape the caravan, only to have Gus burst out the window and to the ground. Gus then turns to their capturer and guns his down, and frees Sarge and Dez. Back on their mission, Sarge congratulates Gus and comments that he must have "leant a lot" from their experience. Another argument ensues between the two of them which then settles. Dez begins to chant "Swat Force" towards the camera as the scene fades out.


Donut664 as Sarge. Who is still leading the team, despite never understanding what to do.

LilBadger as Gus. The only worthy soldier who has become more aggressive due to his frustration.

HIM as Dez. He now carries an obsession with baked beans and is twice as hyperactive than before.

KountryKid as The Caravan Man. While never truly shown as evil, he works to capture the group for interrogation.

Reception Edit

The entire group, Richoguy13 in particular, have praised the release. Richoguy13 has stated it is one of his favourite releases.


While there has been no announcement of a sequel, there still remains a message in the original trailer's description, stating that "3" is in the pipelines. As of November 2011, (more than two years on), no sequel has been produced.


The movie is rated "PG" for infrequent course language and mild violence.

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