The Swat Force series is a successful group of MossiMovies released dominantly in 2009. The videos follows the adventures of 3 soldiers in the middle of nowhere, each played by Donut664, LilBadger and HIM. There are currently two feature length movies, and one trailer.


The series generally follows the trouble the group gets into, and the reactions each members have to the danger. Sarge, the leader, tends to be unaware of how to order his soldiers, and mostly pretends to be on top of things. Dez has a complete lack of sense and therefore just reacts insanely. This leaves the masked soldier, Gus, to do all the work, which he always acomplishes and receives little credit for. Despite the group struggling to work properly together, they are definitely friends who have eachother's backs.


Donut664 as Sarge

LilBadger as Gus

HIM as Dez

Episode 1: It BeginsEdit

Main Article: Swat Force Episode 1 - It Begins

"Three soldiers are sent out in to the middle of nowhere on a very difficult mission, but will working together turn out to be even harder?"

(Released September 17, 2009)

Episode 2: EscalationEdit

Main Article: Swat Force Episode 2 - Escalation

"Sarge, Gus and Dez are back, and this time they're in for it when they confront a new enemy that isn't keen on letting them away free any time soon."

Features: KountryKid as The Caravan Capturer

(Released October 25, 2009)

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