RichKountry is the failsafe alternate account related to MossiMovies, created during the events of the AgentPolar Decline Incident. During these events, KountryKid and Richoguy13 began to fear the outcome, which could have resulted in the complete removal of the MossiMovies account. As KountryKid was opposed to AgentPolar's accusations, he assisted in creating the account so that more and more videos could be added without complaint. The site currently has 4 videos released, all related to past MossiMovies that were removed. After the Decline Incident was resolved, the site has stayed inactive, but it can be assumed that the account will forever be in consideration, judging if something ever terminated the proper MossiMovies account.


Currently, only two movies have remained on the account.

Richoguy13 Goes On a Rampage Richoguy13, AgentPolar Richoguy13 attacks his friends
Tribute - Tenacious D Richoguy13, Donut664, HIM, KountryKid Cover Song