Religion Quest






Donut664, LilBadger, AgentPolar, Richoguy13, Hawkey1576, KountryKid, HIM

Running Time

20+ Mins





Religion Quest is a currently unreleased MossiMovie. It is however, the longest adaption the group have created, at over 24 minutes in length. The film was not released after much disappointment from the group at the final cut of the film, criticizing the the writing of Agent Polar and the editing of Donut664. The film is a relatable adaption to that of The Martin Luther Movie which also dealt with Religion. After belief that the movie would be released in some form, during November, 2011, 3 new MossiMovies were released all comprised of footage from the movie.

Plot OutlineEdit

Two new friends embark on a quest to discover all they can about the mysterious Buddha and his culture. But what's a quest without a few drawbacks?


Donut664 as Curtis, a young and well behaved boy who's always low in luck.

Richoguy13 as Bailey, a crazy new friend who creates as many problems as he solves.

KountryKid as Curtis' Father, a rather shifty character who depends on his Zoo Weekly subscription.

LilBadger as Villain, various.

AgentPolar as Curtis' classmate, various.

Hawkey1576 as Various.

HIM as Various.


The movie was primarily written by AgentPolar, with input from everyone else. Donut664 edited the film. The original cut of the film exceeded 24 minutes, which is a new record. When tasked with filming a movie about religion, the group selected Buddhism due to its intriguing nature.

Other ReleasesEdit

On November 25th, 2011, three new MossiMovies titled "MossiMen Stay Alive", "HIM Gets Hate Montage" and "Curtis and Bailey's Desert Adventure" became available. These movies were all created from Religion Quest, with the exception being Him Gets Hate Montage, which was made from behind the scenes. This confirmed beliefs that the full movie will not be available in the near future.