The Perry Sand Hills is the location used for production of the MossiMovie, Religion Quest. It was selected for it's appeal as a desert, as it was large enough to fully fill a frame shot and look like it went on forever. The desert is also seen in the 2011 MossiMovie, Curtis and Bailey's Desert Adventure, composed of edited footage.


Donut664 , AgentPolar and Richoguy13 began creating the Religion Quest script together, all with the intention of having the main characters travel to far off lands in search of the mysterious Buddha. When it was added to the script that a desert would be involved, the three began to devise where exactly they could portray this. Luckily, the Perry Sand Hills were close by and the whole team spent the day there filming plentiful amounts of footage. Whilst here, the team also filmed in a secluded bush area that lay just behind some large hills. This served as the lair for an evil villain protrayed in the MossiMovie.

Additional activitiesEdit

  • The gang recall carrying a log across the deserts for no particular reason. Upon finally returning to the entrance, they positioned the log in the ground facing up, and declared themselves the heroes of the land.
  • Richoguy13 recalls finding a pink shirt somehow and using it to confuse the others.
  • The team split up and ventured through areas together, with battle occurring every so often.