Mystery of the Disappearing Absence Edit

Directed for the page by Richoguy13

The Players Edit

- Earl Marrows

- Logan Middleton

- Lachy Richardson

and Xavier Warne

The Story Edit

It was the sunniest day that anyone in Melbourne with eyes had ever seen. The cars had a gentle sexy unison going on as they took their commuters to their points of interest. The clock ticked over to 8am for everyone who was picky about setting their watches correctly. Logan obliquely made others on the tram angry as he stood there doing his own thing. It was not a normal occasion for him to be in the city so early and far away from the comforts of his tiny dorm room. He was dressed in the best clothes his parents' money could buy and promptly imagined how the day would play itself out. The date was October 6th of the year this is being read. It stood out more than other days because Logan was doing what he'd never done since he'd moved to Melbourne - something.

It was also a sunny day in Melbourne for Lachy as he sweated atop the second floor of the fanciest McDonalds on the street. He was even further from home than Logan, or "Logies" as he'd say was. Having set his alarm for 6am, he was good and ready to head into the city by 8:40. The train ride hadn't been one of his favorite parts of the morning thus far. People used to be shyer about masturbating. At least Lachy thought so. He wondered how long he could stay inside McDonald's without ordering food. He'd brought all but the $10 he needed later and incorrectly guessed that a large double quarter pounder meal would only set him back $3.