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November 1, 2008

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MossiMovies Official Trailer

MossiMovies Teaser Trailer is the 1st commercially released MossiMovie, debuting on the same day as the group's creation, November 1, 2008. It it one of the shortest MossiMovies at 7 seconds total length. LilBadger provided the footage which he insisted should be the first release. The chicken would again be seen in The Adventures Of Dougs. An official trailer followed the MossiMovie a week later.


LilBadger had filmed the footage while testing his camera out on his cat - Dougs, who would soon become a star within the group. Richoguy13 had accompanied him in the editing process.

Further AppearancesEdit

The MossiMovie is set to appear in the upcoming 'MossiMovies Movie 2' as part of a short video anthology.

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