Listed below is a collection of print media in regards to the MossiMovies Universe. The listed works should not all be considered canon as some ideas conflict with others and certain scenarios are 'What Ifs'.

The OptimistEdit

Many stories have circulated which expand on the story of The Optimist, spreading the character's history across various different works.

The Optimist: Just DesertsEdit

Written as a direct sequel to the original MossiMovie, the story picks up some time after the events of the first film, but this time introduces a villain that appears to have a long history with The Optimist. Set in the outskirts of a desert, a stranded Optimist comes into contact with a couple who have gotten lost on their honeymoon. Sensing an issue between the two, The Optimist sticks by them to work his magic once again.

The Optimist IIIEdit

Another direct followup was released in 2010, and is considered much different in tone and story. Set in the urban city, The Optimist appears to help convince a man that he needs to keep on living while his apartment-warming party goes on in the other rooms.

Summer Saviour SeriesEdit

This change of pace sets the Optimist character in a campsite setting, surrounded by teenagers and children. This storyline would last for around 10 issues, each of which consisting of the mishaps The Optimist would cause and the effect he has on the local area.

The Pessimist Comes DownEdit

This exclusive issue pits The Optimist against his arch-enemy The Pessimist in a race through the Amazon to reach a sacred relic, believed to have the power to wipe away happiness.

Louder Optimist!Edit

This series sees The Optimist assist all 5 finalists in a music competition. It is currently the most separate story, retconning much of the established background of the series.