Listed below is a collection of items selected for preservation in the MossiMovies Museum. (Also known as MossiMuseum) These items are various things from across the group's history that have remained special and significant. This includes: music, footage, props, costumes and scripts.

Item Taken From Year Added Owner
Chicken Man 2005 MossiMovies Project 2012 N/A
Loser Guitar The Loser Song (Another Guy) 2008 LilBadger
Spybot MossiMarketing Commercial - Spybots 2009 KountryKid

Monster Mask

Live or Die 2009 Richoguy13
Suction-Cup Gun Suction-Cup Gun Rampage 2009 N/A
Gas Mask Swat Force (Series) 2009 KountryKid
Optimist Hair The Optimist 2010 LilBadger
Religion Quest Archive Religion Quest 2009 Donut664
The Tassie Devil The Tassie Devil's Rejects 2012 Richoguy13


  • Items marked as N/A are not the property of any specific member.