Listed below is an incomplete collection of quotes throughout MossiMovies history that have became memorable and significant.


'And I'ma hoping one day when she asks and I out, I will say... Yes!' - The Loser, from The Loser Song

'Must... get to the house...' - Private Charlie, selected from Fraser and Xavier in WW2

'*Intense Scream*' - Purple Fairy, selected from

'I wanna see you smile!' - The Optimist, selected from The Optimist

'Baked beans!' - Dez, selected from

'Where in sam hell is that boy going?' - Sarge

'Heavy-Snow! Heavy-Snow!' - Donut664 and LilBadger, selected from ZEEOHAI

I only called him a loser - The Victim.

'Steven! Steven! Steven!' - Phillip Gortrey