The list below is an incomplete collection of MossiMovies which have either been removed or lost due to unknown circumstances. While The Agent Polar Decline Incident is responsible for most videos, there are still various movies that have vanished due to hidden reasons.

Release: Creator: Reason:
Owned LilBadger Decline Incident
A Day in the Life of Fareseru KountryKid Decline Incident
Richoguy13 has a Dream KountryKid Decline Incident
The Losette Song (Another Girl) Donut664 Decline Incident
Random Dancing Thingy LilBadger Decline Incident
Mmmmmmmph LilBadger Decline Incident
Revenge of the Chickens KountryKid Unknown
Richoguy13 Horror Trailer Richoguy13 Unknown
Fareseru's Announcement Fareseru Unknown
Richoguy13 goes on a Rampage KountryKid Moved to RichKountry


  • RichKountry handles all the videos removed by request.
  • 'Revenge Of The Chickens' was the official sequel to 'Attack Of The Chickens'.
  • 'Random Dancing Thingy' is the only MossiMovie to see a re-release.
  • 'Fareseru's Announcement' was one of the group's most acclaimed videos.
  • 'The Losette Song (Another Girl)' still has it's audio available around the internet.
  • LilBadger and KountryKid top the list of "Members to lose the most MossiMovies".