Listed below is an incomplete collection of Deleted Scenes from the 2011 MossiMovie, The Tassie Devil's Rejects. The deleted scenes are reportedly over a three minute running time when added up. These scenes would have made this the longest MossiMovie by a margin. It is unclear as to why some scenes were not used, but others have reasons listed.

1 - Phillip On The PCEdit

This short deleted scene preceded Steven entering the room. It featured Phillip sitting and typing before switching to a close-up shot of him smiling and nodding.

2 - Too Much DancingEdit

This is an extended version of the dancing scene where after showing the close-ups of both Phillip and Steven, proceeds to show them hand in hand spinning in circles, before dropping onto the bed.

Fareseru stated that he disliked the outcome of this scene and opted for it to be removed.

3 - Mobile Phone PlansEdit

This scene takes place immediately after Phillip and Steven retreat to the top of the bed after being attacked for the first time. Before they begin to head for the door, this deleted scene shows them attempting to get across the room to the mobile phone so they can ring for help. Phillip makes the attemp as the Devil becomes visible again. He struggles to make it back to the bed, only to find the phone is out battery. It should be noted that this is a scene missing that was included in the Novel.

Richoguy13 stated that this scene eventually was cut due to it's length and unfortunate camera angles.

4 - Phillip Encounters Steven's SpiritEdit

Another scene from the novel that was cut, this scene depicts a more insane Phillip as he waits on the bed in darkness and calls out to the Devil. He is then encountered by the spirit of Steven, who insists he must kill the Tassie before it is soo late. The two exchange emotional words over what has happened, and Steven fades away once again.

Fareseru has stated that this scene was removed after completing of the editing process. He recalled that the footage has gone wrong during rendering, and was completely ruined. Therefore it was edited out.