Listed below is an incomplete collection of characters that appeared in the feature length MossiMovie, The Tassie Devil's Rejects. It is the first MossiMovie to credit a prop as a character.

Phillip Gorrtrey

Phillip Gorrtrey is the main protagonist of the movie. He is forced to endure the death of his friend, as well as facing off against the Tassie Devil, which is out to destroy him. In the first half of the film, Phillip is casual and timid, he hosts a sleepover for his best friend, Steven, whom he'd not seen for three months, after being in Tasmania. Once Steven arrives, the two begin to act crazily with eachother, as they are both please to finally hang out again. Phillip spends the first half of the movie in a laidback state, as he introduces Steven to all his new interesting possessions. Once Steven questions him about where he'd obtained a toy Tassie Devil, he explains that it had just appeared in his bag and that he'd discovered it after coming back from Tasmania. In the scenes that follow, Phillip's character evolves into that of a guardian as he and Steven suddenly come under attack from the toy, which has been brought to life. He begins to act cowardly at the first sight of danger, panicking on the bed as Steven struggles for life on the floor. When the two manage to avoid the Devil briefly, Phillip leads as they head towards the door. Their plan is thwarted by the sudden reappearance of the toy. In the scenes that follow Steven's death, Phillip spends hours trapped in the room, slowly losing his mind. Being able to retrieve a gun, Phillip leaves the refuge the bed has given him and he searches the room for the devil. Being pushed close to the edge, Phillip begins to panic and lies on the floor, waiting for the Devil to re-emerge. Prepared for any outcome, Phillip builds up his strength and finally guns down the toy. Relieved to be alive, he briefly celebrates amongst himself, as he gets up and heads out into the hallway and through the back door outside.

Phillip is portrayed by Fareseru

Steven Eustanow

Steven Eustanow is the deuteragonist of the movie. His role is much less significant to that of Phillip's. Steven is first scene in the opening, travelling towards Phillip's house. From this moment, strange incidents begin to occur, which don't become addressed until further into the movie. Steven enters the next seen and begins to express his excitement for finally seeing his friend again. Throughout the movie, Steven remains curious about Phillip's room and his activities whilst in Tasmania. He is shown to be more straight-forward, insisting on acting upon desire. This ultimately causes his demise during his second confrontation with the Devil, which gets him after he insists on finding help for his original wounds. Steven assumes the role of leader during the first half of the movie, with Phillip being dependant on his advice. Once he is killed, Phillip begins fighting on his own. His body is shown fading away, as Phillip pleads that he'll take care of his affairs.

In a deleted scene, Steven's ghost appears to mentor Phillip and ensure his fate does not become the same as his.

Steven is portrayed by Richoguy13

The Tassie Devil

The Tassie Devil serves as the movie's antagonist. The Devil is portrayed as vicious and vile, while somewhat evasive and intelligent. The Devil first appears in the film's second scene, in just a quick image. As the movie goes on, it's appearances become more frequent. While only in the movie for a short amount of time, it's presense is felt when it is off-screen. The Devil is incredibly fast, and the addition of supernatural themes allows it to fade like a spirit and move to another area. It is unknown of how or why the toy is evil and alive, but the audiences are left open to interpretation by Phillip's references to being in Tasmania. The Devil collects it's only victim, Steven, at the halfway point of the movie. This is achieved by it's abilities to fool people into believing they're safe and that the Devil has left the area. After finishing Steven, it remains to torment Phillip and add him to it's kill list. After several attempts at taking Phillip's life, it disappears for a significant amount of time. In the darkness, Phillip gathers the courage to leave the safe area on his bed and turn on the light, which leads to the final conflict. In a last attempt, it dives towards Phillip who delivers a bullet to it. The Devil loses all signs of life and is defeated. After Phillip leaves the area to escape outside, it appears that whatever had possessed the toy has now taken control of a Teddy Bear nestled on top of a wardrobe back in Phillip's room.

The Tassie Devil is voiced and puppeteered by Fareseru