Listed below is an incomplete collection of characters that appeared in Curtis and Bailey's Desert Adventure and Curtis and Bailey Go To a Puppet Show. The characters featured are also that of those featured in Religion Quest. There are two protagonists and various antagonists. It is notable that certain characters no longer make sense due to their stories being explained in Religion Quest. This has become a recurring joke.

Bailey Shepherd

Bailey Shepherd is one of two protagonists in the MossiMovie. He is portayed as being ignorant and lazy. It is not explained why he is friends with Curtis, but their friendship is damaged when they become lost in the desert together and argue. Bailey is captured in the middle of the movie and nearly killed. He is shown to act cowardly, and very dependant on his friends during this time. After Curtis decides to come and rescue him, the two manage to travel back home.

In Curtis and Bailey Go To a Puppet Show, Bailey is back to his old ignorant ways. This time he foolishly attends a Puppet Show that is surrounded by suspicious characters. When he learns Curtis is an illegal alien, he accidentally blurts it out, which sets off a group of people after them. He redeems himself however when he fights by Curtis' side and helps to defeat the bad guys.

Bailey is portrayed by Richoguy13

Curtis Green

Curtis Green is the other protagonist in the MossiMovie. His character is more cocky than Bailey's, but he is also portrayed as brighter and evasive. He befriended Bailey before the beginning of the movie, and invited him to a trip out in the desert. After they get lost however, he becomes angry at Bailey for assuming he is the smart one of the two of them. After time apart from eachother, Curtis begins to realise he has a great influence on Bailey, and that it's his responsibility to watch out for his friend. He then teams up with the No-Named Traveller after discovering he's in danger. When the two make it back home, their friendship is healed and Curtis reassumes his position as the leader. He shares a courtesy dance with Bailey and his friends.

Curtis is portrayed by Donut664

The Disturbed Outlander

Desert Villain
The Distured Outlander is the main protagonist in Curtis and Bailey's Desert Adventure and one of only a handful of villains ever portrayed in MossiMovies. He is first seen in the first half of the movie as he knocks out Bailey and proceeds to take him to his desert hideaway. The Outlander is a big fan of scavenging things from the desert, which includes lost travellers that he can use for his own devices. His hideout is located over a high sand hill, in a small and secluded jungle area. It is here that he attempts to kill Bailey, which he is unsuccessful in doing, and is defeated by the Traveller. It is left open as to whether the Outlander was truly defeated, as hinted in the Traveller's final scene.

The Disturbed Outlander is portrayed by LilBadger

The Traveller With No Name


Minor Characters


Buddha/Bindhi makes a brief appearance in the movie's penultimate scene. His appearance is considered one of the more random occurrences in the film, as he does not apply to the scenario. He addresses him self originally as Buddha, but then changes it to Bindhi, which proves he is hiding something. He is shown to be crazy and excited as he randomly performs a nonsense medley. He is a visitor at Curtis and Bailey's house that appears uninvited, and shuts them up and dances after they complain about not knowing who he is. He influences Curtis to introduce the final scene.

Buddha/Bindhi is portrayed by AgentPolar

The Sand Monster

Desert Creature
The Sand Monster is a brief antagonist in the MossiMovie, as he attempts to prevent Curtis and the Traveller from reaching Bailey in time. In the movie, he is shown to rise out of the desert sand and block passenger's ways. He is shown as cheery, however demanding. He is defeated when the Traveller pushes him into Curtis.

The Sand Monster is portrayed by Hawkey1576