Listed below is a complete collection of characters that appeared in Attack of the Chickens. The MossiMovie was filmed by Donut664 in 2009, and is one of few to pit a human against an animal.

Human SoldierEdit


The Human Soldier is the protagonist who takes it upon himself to battle the forces of chickens. Armed with his trusty rake and country uniform, he valiantly fights alone as he desperately tries to keep the world safe. His mission takes him to the heart of the battle, the chicken coup. Whether or not he wins or survives, is never revealed.

The Human Soldier is portrayed by KountryKid.

The ChickensEdit

Chickens are the enemies in the movie, they use their fast movements and flapping wings as an attack move. It is this reason that people cannot get too close to them, forcing the main character to use his rake. The chickens have become evil and intend to take over the world, it is never revealed whether they were successful or not.

The Chickens are portrayed by themselves.