LilBadger is the second member of the comedy/alternative media group, MossiMovies.

On the set of "The Optimist"


Note: Trailers have been excluded on this list.

Release: Role: Notes:
The Loser Song (Another Guy) Backup Singer Only heard off-screen
The Martin Luther Movie Various
Fraser and Xavier in WW2 Xavier
Fairies Purple Fairy
Religion Quest Various
Pram Theft Auto Player Only hands are shown
The Adventures of Dougs - Episode 6: Nap Time Himself Only hands are shown
MossiMen Get Scared
We Keep The Camera Rolling
Lost In The Bush
S.W.A.T Force - Episode 1: It Begins Gus
The Optimist Nicholas
S.W.A.T Force - Episode 2: Escalation Gus
Christmas Time (Get In Line) Instrumentalist
MossiMen Stay Alive Backup Dancer #1
Him Gets Hate Montage Himself
Curtis and Bailey's Desert Adventure Miscreant