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March 19, 2012

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Lauchy McCaul: Take a Breath! is the 51st commercially released MossiMovie. It stars Richoguy13 as Lauchy McCaul, a new character intended to be a reject from the MossiMovies Universe who travels with his camera. The movie is notable for being of different style to other MossiMovies. Richoguy13 confirmed that his new character was most likely showcased in the recent MossiMovie: Interview with a Richoguy13.


A young boy heads out into the local area and comes across a series of events, both terrifying and idiotic.


Richoguy13 as Lauchy McCaul, Drain Lurker, Mysterious Monster.


Richoguy13 has stated that the release of movie continued to be pushed back due to being unable to name it. He stated that, at first, he had something along the lines of 'The World of Lauchy McCaul'. On explanation of why he chose the movie's final title, he stated "Well, I think it says "Take a Breath!" because, this is Lauchy's first real adventure outside. He never ever used to go outside. Now here he is, exploring the world." He steered away from previous releases by opting to shoot the whole thing via camera phone in his hand. He has stated that much footage has been cut from the movie due to running time and that the ending was more creative in the final edit.


On Tuesday, March 27th, Richoguy13 confirmed a sequel that would begin production within the next few week. He stated he was positive of the notion being a new environment each time, but still wishes to explore possibilities before beginning production. The title is currently known as Lauchy McCaul Takes another Breath!

Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • The opening features a parody of the THX Opening titles.
  • Various sequences parody The Evil Dead with fast P.O.V shots through forests.
  • Lauchy references Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  • An in-joke is made about 'Danger Tape' which is a significant memory for the team.
  • "Danger on the Track" by Europe plays over the end credits, which parody typical sitcom credits.