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December 15, 2011

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Interview with a Richoguy13 is the 48th commercially released MossiMovie. It is currently the only MossiMovie to feature just one MossiMember carrying the film, and the first to depict any form of an interview. Richoguy13 plays a parody of himself as he responds to fan questions in a generally disturbing manner. It also features unreleased footage and cameos from other MossiMembers in archive footage. The title is a parody of the horror/drama film, Interview with the Vampire.


There are various segments used in the MossiMovie in order to entice the audience, some are just nonsense responses, whilst others have far out reactions.

  • How are you? (Look what I can do!)
  • Collaborating with Fareseru
  • Whats new with LilBadger?
  • Where's AgentPolar and Hawkey1576?
  • Have mixed reactions put you off?
  • 'Injuries on Set' Montage
  • Dougs Sex Scandal
  • 'Richoguy13's Stunts' Montage
  • The Future of MossiMovies
  • Richoguy13 Horror Trailer Re-release
  • 'Response to Haters' Segment


Richoguy13 as Himself (Fictionalized)

- Donut664, LilBadger, AgentPolar, Hawkey1576, KountryKid, HIM and Fareseru appear in archive footage.


Richoguy13 was eager to create a MossiMovie that he had complete control over, so in the course of 5 hours, into the early morning, he contructed a false interview and decided to play an exaggerated version of himself. He only managed to film on a Samsung Galaxy phone, but he also used old clips for segments, as well as finally being able to re-release his Richoguy13 Horror Trailer.

Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • Michael Jackson's Bad is heard numerous times throughout the video.
  • Amongst the MossiMovies Injuries segment, the famous Head-Exploding scene from the 1978 horror classic, Dawn of the Dead is shown, but with Richoguy13's head being blown up.
  • The Sex Scandal segment is a parody of popular celebrities who become entangled in various scandals that harm the reputations. Richoguy13's response is a parody of interviews that edited to take things out of context, possibly for an advertisement, or just to attract more controversy.
  • The 'Future of MossiMovies' segment is a close homage to a viral video in which a large sophisticated man is being interviewed, only to have his chair break after various cracking sounds are heard.
  • The final segment features a random aggressive performance that is done in the style of people responding to Haters online.


  • The opening scene infers that an X rated video is playing whilst Richoguy13 is on the computer, the audio is actually from 'Zack and Miri Make a Porno'.
  • When a segment of popular roles Richoguy13 has been in shows, amongst them is The Tassie Devil's Rejects, which has not actually been released properly yet.
  • The MossiMovie was entirely created from the hours of 11pm-4am.