HIM is the 7th member of MossiMovies, and responsible for successful videos such as "Bin Racers" and "When

HIM's iconic frightening face.

Ugly People Get Mad." He has provided many materials for the group ranging from props to actual food. He made his debut appearance in "When Ugly People Get Mad" (2009) after passing on appearing in the group's first film. and has gone on to become known for his bizarre facial expressions, present in future videos such as "MossiMarketing" and "Swat Force."


Release: Role: Notes:
Religion Quest Various First Appearance
When Ugly People Get Mad The Ugly Person
Pram Theft Auto Retarded Friend
Peaceful Bushwalk Screamer
Bin Racers Racer
MossiMen Get Scared Interested Boy #6
We Keep The Camera Rolling Crazy Boy #6
Lost In The Bush Scared Boy #6
S.W.A.T Force - Episode 1: It Begins Dez
Escape From Hawke House Dez Cameo on Computer
S.W.A.T Force - Episode 2: Escalation Dez
MossiMarketing Commercial - Teacher Repellant Kit Teacher
HIM Gets Hate Montage Himself
Curtis and Bailey's Desert Adventure Himself Cameo

"Religion Quest." (Unreleased) -

"When Ugly People Get Mad." -

"Pram Theft Auto" -

"Peaceful Bushwalk" -

"Bin Racers" - Himself.

"MossiMen Get Scared." - Himself.

"We Keep The Camera Rolling." - Himself.

"Lost in the Bush"

"Swat Force - Episode 1: It Begins" - Dez.

"Escape From Hawke House." - Cameo appearance on PC.

"Swat Force - Episode 2: Escalation" - Dez.

"MossiMarketing Commercial - Teacher Repellant Kit" - Teachers.


  • Director of "The Martin Luther Movie."