Fareseru Presents is a film mash-up series commercially released as the 16th and 31st MossiMovies.

An image from "Bond."

The videos were created entirely by recently inducted member, Fareseru. The MossiMovies are known for utilizing repeating footage and edits to create humour from mostly serious films. The future of the series is unknown, due to the release of similarly formatted MossiMovies by Fareseru and Richoguy13. These MossiMovies do not use the title "Fareseru Presents."


The Quantum of Solace



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July 20, 2009

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Pram Theft Auto

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Presents: Bond, The Quantum Of SolaceEdit

On July 20, 2009, Fareseru released his first MossiMovie in the series, which places fun at the expense of what was the latest bond movie at the time.

Presents: Lord Of The RingsEdit

Later that year, on the the 9th of October, Fareseru proceeded to release another video, this time based around The Lord Of The Rings. It was more than twice the length of the first video.

Youtube Poop - Fareseru and Richoguy13Edit

During mid-2011, new videos were released in the same manner as "Fareseru Presents", however they were extremely longer and often showed numerous edited scenes. These are not considered part of the series, despite the similarities.