Fareseru's 'YTP' Series




Fareseru, LilBadger, Richoguy13

Running Times

1 - 2:09, 2 - 7:00, 3 - 4:07



Release Dates

July 17, July 19, December 15, 2011

Fareseru's YTP Series is a group of MossiMovies created by Fareseru in the style of his original Fareseru Presents series. The differences however, include the fact that the movies are twice as long and feature guest collaborators. there are currently 3 MossiMovies in the series, it is unknown of when the next will be available.

Angry Protestor On Carbon TaxEdit

Release Date:

Background: This first installment was created at the height of the Australian Carbon Tax Proposition by Prime Minister, Julia Gillard. The footage is a direct edit of a now famous piece of footage in which a local woman confronts the Prime Minister, criticising her for feeding lies to the people.

Matilda Abuses Her MagicEdit

Release Date: July 19, 2011

Background: A movie favourite of Fareseru and Richoguy13, this specific release became based around the 1996 film, Matilda, starring Danny DeVito and Mara Wilson. Various scenes are intersplicd from across the film, often imitating the already funny occurrences in it. The Trunchbull is a frequently shown character who is messed around with.

Fareseru's Revenge - FareseruEdit