Dr. Bim - Episode 1 is a rumoured upcoming MossiMovie, possibly set for relese in 2012, despite being filmed mid-2009. The movie stars Donut664 and HIM who share the intention of conveying a scientific lesson with humour, much like the style of the religious comedy MossiMovie, The Martin Luther Movie.



HIM as Dr. Bim.

Donut664 as


Tasked with making another informational movie, Donut664 and HIM insisted to make a science related MossiMovie. Donut664 directed the film, with HIM doing most of the writing. Donut664 also edited the film, using his preferred program, iMovie.


Later in 2009, a sequel was produced. It retained it's original cast but included a more humourous nature. Like it's predecessor, it may not see release until 2011.