Attack of the Chickens is the 19th commercially released MossiMovie, debuting on August 24, 2009 and starring

KountryKid with the rake.

KountryKid. The MossiMovie is based around a boy's attempts to stop a group of chickens who are assumed to be superior to humans. Donut664, who can be heard laughing, directed the movie.


A young boy discovers a rake while looking for items that can defeat the chickens. After picking it up, he proceeds to chase the chickens out of the area, with moderate success.


KountryKid as The Human.

Donut664 as Laughing Spectator.


  • A sequel titled "Revenge of the Chickens" became available on MossiMovies for a short amount of time, it disappeared during 2009 due to unknown circumstances.
  • The popular theme from "The Benny Hill Show" can heard as KountryKid runs around.